AQUAFIL EverPET® Recycling Plant


AQUAFIL Engineering is setting new milestones with its new EverPET® technologies in the recycling industry. The latest project is an EverPET® - internal plant with 44 tons/day which will be delivered to India.

AQUAFIL PA6 Plant with LDR® - HQ Technology

Aquafil LDR Polymerisation

AQUAFIL Engineering GmbH delivered the engineering and key equipment for a new PA6 plant in China with a capacity of 200 tons/day. The plant is in construction phase and will have a big variable range of products. The latest LDR®-HQ process is implemented to achieve highest quality at low production costs.

AQUAFIL LBT® Continuous + Batch Plant

AQUAFIL LBT Plant Start-Up

AQUAFIL Engineering received the contract to build a new continuous and batch polycondensation plant for BOPET applications. Both plants will use the “Low Building Technology” (LBT®) which is the newest innovation for polyester production plants. An additional speciality of the plant is the combination of a continuous and a batch polycondensation, enabling the customer to produce and develop a variety of special grades for their film production.