AQUAFIL Batch Plant for PET Specialities

AQUAFIL 2-Reactor CP and Batch Plant for Film

Newest Batch Technology of AQUAFIL is successfully in operation. The plant can produce a wide range of modified PET polymers which are required for different product applications.


Aquafil recycling solutions

AQUAFIL Engineering works besides his main business since decades as pioneer in the recycling field. AQUAFIL Engineering offers new unique solutions with EverPET® , HVR and H-SSP. 

More information are available in the PDF-files.

AQUAFIL mist elimination plant

Aquafil mist elimination

Since years, AQUAFIL Engineering is delivering its mist elimination systems to customers in the chemical and polymer industry. The systems, based on filter candles, are used in very different applications. For more than 20 years, TROSIFOL relies on AQUAFIL Engineering mist elimination systems and have installed an additional system.