Healthy Seas

Healthy Seas

Aquafil S.p.A., ECNC Land & Sea Group and Star Sock have established the "Healthy Seas, a Journey from Waste to Wear" initiative. The main objective of this initiative is to remove waste, in particular fishing nets, from the seas and oceans for the purpose of creating healthier seas and recycling marine litter. 

AQUAFIL LBT® Plant for PET Bottle

Aquafil LBT Plant

The latest innovation of AQUAFIL Engineering sets a new milestone in the polyester area. The building height of an AQUAFIL LBT® bottle plant is 50% less compared to other modern PET bottle plants (conventional CP+SSP or Melt Phase CP). By that way the building and erection cost and time are reduced dramatically. Additionally the AQUAFIL LBT® bottle plant can produce viscosities up to 0.85 IV without conventional SSP.

AQUAFIL PA6 Plant with LDR® HQ for China

Aquafil LDR Polymerisation

AQUAFIL Engineering GmbH (Berlin, Germany) signed a contract for the supply of a new polyamide 6 (PA6) polymerisation plant in China. The plant can produce high quality textile (bright and semi dull) and engineering plastics chips.